A conflict-of-interest statement is required for all article and study types. In the interests of transparency and helping reviewers to assess any potential bias in a study's design, interpretation of it results or presentation of its scientific/medical content, the requires all authors of each paper to declare any conflicting interests (including but not limited to commercial, personal, political, intellectual, or religious interests) in the title page that are related to the work submitted for consideration of publication. In addition, reviewers are required to indicate any potential conflicting interests they might have related to any particular paper they are asked to review, and a copy of signed statement should be provided in PDF format.

Sample wording: [Name of individual] has received fees for serving as a speaker, a [position; such as consultant and/or an advisory board member] for [name(s) of organization(s)]. [Name of individual] has received research funding from [name(s) of organization(s)]. [Name of individual] is an employee of [name(s) of organization(s)]. [Name of individual] owns stocks and/or shares in [name(s) of organization(s)]. [Name of individual] owns patent [patent identifier information (including patent number, two-letter country code, and kind code) and a brief description].

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