Complaints Policy:

Theriogenology Insight takes each complaint with seriousness and handles it professionally and is guided by COPE’s policies and guidelines. The complainant issue is investigated and acted upon. Final decisions are conveyed to complainant.

Theriogenology Insight Journals holds awareness of the following complaints:

  • • Authorship complaints
  • • Plagiarism
  • • Duplicate, multiple, concurrent publication
  • • Misappropriation of Research results
  • • Allegations of research errors and fraud
  • • Violations of Research standards
  • • Undisclosed conflicts of interest
  • • Reviewer bias or acts of harm out of competition by reviewers
  • • Guiding principles

Mistakes and complaints are bound to happen during such a hectic process of compiling complex material at once. We recognize this fact and strive to address all complaints as quickly as possible. We believe that the intensity of problem can be reduced by acknowledging them at the right time. As a matter of fact, all the substantial errors and complaints are directly referred to Senior Editors.

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