Theriogenology Insight is a peer-reviewed, journal which focuses on all aspects of reproduction of living organisms from protozoan to mammals including human.
Theriogenology Insight publishes research papers, reviews, case reports, technical notes and short communication reporting significant results obtained using new techniques. Encouraged topic areas include: reproductive biology, physiology, endocrinology, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, genetics, reproductive cycles, functional morphology, phylogeny, behavioral and regulatory mechanisms, including genetic, endocrine and molecular studies in addition, cryobiology of gametes and embryos, conservation biology and assisted reproduction of domestic, wild, avian, aquatic species and human.
National Academy of Agricultural Sciences(NAAS ) :3.70 (2024)
Periodicity: Two Issues in a Year
Theriogenology Insight is Associated with Reproductive Biology and Genetics Society, IACSIT, Singapore
All the authors are requested to check the originality of their articles before submitting it to TI. In case, any article is found to be Duplicate submission, fabricated data, cut and paste (Plagiarised), at ANY STAGE of processing of your article, following actions will be taken:
Rejection of the article
If the conduct is found to be grossly unacceptable i.e. submission of duplicate articles, the author will be blacklisted in TI and other NDP Journals 
Letter of conduct will be posted to the Head/Director of the department from where the study was conducted.
List of blacklisted authors will be shared amongst the Chief Editors of other Indian Journals.

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