Year: 2023 | Month: June | Volume 13 | Issue 1

Effect of different Buffalo Sperm Motility Patterns on Plasma Membrane Integrity and Morphology

Krishna Nand Bansal Dinesh Jhamb Gaurav Kumar Bansal Madhu Meena Mamta Meel Pradeep Kumar


There are different types of motility patterns in human but in case of buffalo but there is no literature about if there is any effect of different types of buffalo sperm motility patterns on freezability and fertilizing capability of semen. Therefore, the study has been designed to know the effect of ejaculates from different types of motility patterns in buffalo semen on freezability and fertilizing capability by sperm morphology and sperm plasma membrane integrity. We collect the semen and divide them into 3 categories (Normal, Slow and Fast non-directional motile sperm) on the basis of sperm motility patterns, then cryopreserved it and assessed sperm morphology and plasma membrane integrity and found slow motile sperm have lowest abnormalities than fast non-directional and normal motile sperm.

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