Year: 2022 | Month: December | Volume 12 | Issue 2

Reproductive Traits for Identifying Prolific Black Bengal Goat (Capra hircus bengalensis)

P.S. Chakrabortty C.K. Biswas D. Majumdar S.K. Sutradhar


The present investigation recorded that the average litter size was 2.03 per doe and the prolificacy rate being 202.92%. The result indicates that the litter size proportion for single, twin and triplet were 28.3%, 40.4% and 31.3% respectively. There was a tendency of increasing body weight with higher litter size and such variation was highly significant (P<0.01). The result revealed that the overall mean age of first estrus was 209.08±2.06 days. Maximum age of first conception was 226.18±5.39 days when the animal gave single birth and the minimum AC was 216.65±4.9 days when it produced triplet indicating that failure of conception was more in single bearing does. Service period were recorded to very significantly (P<0.01) among different litter bearing groups, the highest value was observed in triplet producing does (80.88±4.68 days). This is an important finding to understand that, less Age of Puberty (AP), Age at 1st Conception (AC), Days Open (DO) & Kidding Interval (KI) has prominent benefit for multiple foetuses and thus achieving economic benefit.

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