Year: 2022 | Month: April | Volume 12 | Issue 1

Study on Seminal Attributes of X- sperm Enriched Sahiwal Bull Semen

Deeksha Chaudhary Kamal Devlal Mridula Sharma


The present study was conducted to observe the effect of percoll density gradient centrifugation on quality of semen. Ejaculates were collected by AV method from Sahiwal bulls. X-sperm enrichment was done by percoll density gradient method i.e. 7 layers (70-10%). Centrifugation was done at 750 g (22-24°C) for 15 min. The pellets obtained were diluted in EYC medium. Semen quality was evaluated in fresh semen (Control), in pellet of normal centrifugation (Group I), supernatant of centrifugation in percoll density gradient (Group II) and pellet of centrifugation in percoll density gradient (Group III). To assess the quality of enriched semen pH, mass motility, progressive motility, live spermatozoa %, abnormal spermatozoa %, HOST % and intact acrosome % were evaluated. Number of progressively motile sperms in pellet of X- enriched semen were non-significantly increased and significantly (P<0.05) decreased in supernatant. The abnormal spermatozoa (%) were decreased in G III as compared to G II Live spermatozoa (%) were increased in enriched semen (pellet). Number of Intact sperms decreased significantly (P<0.05) in supernatant of percoll density gradient centrifuged Sahiwal semen. HOST responsive sperms number was not affected after percoll density gradient centrifugation. Thus, the semen quality of X-sperm enriched semen by percoll density gradient method (7 layer 70%) was not affected hence it can be used to increase female calves’ birth after A.I.

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