Year: 2021 | Month: December | Volume 11 | Issue 2

Therapeutic Management of Prolonged Postpartum Anoestrus in a Crossbred Jersey Cattle without Hormonal Intervention: A Case Report

Bithika Halder Samar Sarkar


The present case study discuss about the therapeutic management of prolonged postpartum anoestrus in a crossbred Jersey cattle without any hormonal intervention. A three and half years old cattle having approximate 250 kg body weight was presented to an animal health camp held on Burdhaman district in West Bengal state (India) with a history of postpartum anoestrus. According to the cattle owner the animal hasn’t shown any symptoms of estrus cycle even after five months of first calving. On per-rectal examination the animal failed to reveal distinctly palpable corpus luteum in the ovaries with apparently normal uterus. In this case, at first the cattle was dewormed then managed with supportive therapy by giving vitamins and minerals supplements. For better result ovarian massage was given also. The owner informed that animal came to heat after one month of treatment and now the animal is three months pregnant after conceiving through artificial insemination.

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