Year: 2015 | Month: April | Volume 5 | Issue 1

Bovine Haematic Mummification New Observations-Report of Two Cases in HF Crossbred Cows in Mekelle

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A five year old HF X local crossbred cow, in her first lactation, was reported by the owner to have overshot her gestation by nearly a month, without showing any signs of udder development and approaching parturition. Clinical examination revealed the presence of fetal head just anterior to the pelvic brim. Attempts to stimulate fetal movements by digital pressure on the eye orbits failed to produce any response. The rest of the uterus appeared as an enlarged structure containing a doughy mass. Fetal fluids and placentomes were not palpable. A tentative diagnosis of fetal mummification was made with a strong probability of an anomalous fetus. Caesarean section was resorted to, through a left ventro-lateral incision. After removal of one fetus in anterior presentation, it immediately became apparent that another fetus of similar size was present in posterior presentation. Both fetuses were tightly covered by leathery fetal membranes and a brownish colored, thick, viscous material. The uterine cavity was cleaned with mild antiseptic solution, before closure of the uterine incision. The abdominal incision was closed routinely. The animal had uneventful recovery and skin structures were removed on day 9. The other animal was a seven year old HF x local cross, brought to the clinic for threatened abortion, with partly necrosed membranes hanging from the vulva. Vaginal examination revealed the presence of a small fetus, tightly surrounded by fetal membranes in the vagina, which was easily removed. The external os was firmly closed and did not admit even one finger. A detailed examination of the fetus confirmed the existence of haematic mummification. This paper records some new features of the condition, so far not reported, in bovine fetal mummification.

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