Year: 2022 | Month: April | Volume 12 | Issue 1

Preliminary Study on Different Productive and Reproductive Traits of Black Bengal Goats in West Bengal

P.S. Chakrabortty A. Patra C.K. Biswas D. Mazumdar S.K. Sutradhar


Regarding experimentation on different productive and reproductive characters, it was noted that, the body weight was higher (up to 100 weeks) in the first treatment group than the other groups after weaning. Female kids of three months of age were placed in three groups with five numbers in each group; 1st TG with supplementary nutrition and a buck, 2nd TG with supplementary nutrition and 3rd TG as control. Puberty came to the first group, at an earlier age (8 to 9 months) with lower body weight (10 kg), than the other groups (11 to 12 and 14 to 15 months for second and third group, respectively). The age of kidding time was also earlier in first group (16 months) than the rest of the groups (~21 and ~23 months for second and third group, respectively). Three animals out of five could attain pregnancy under treatment group three. According to the experimental plan, all the animals experienced operational stress, resulted into a number of services for each animal. The first group showed regular estrous, so, they had more number of services (3.6) to attain pregnancy than the other two groups (2.2 and 2 for second and third group, respectively). The gestation length had no effect on the non-hormonal factors. The first group of animals came to post-partum estrous earlier (3 to 6 weeks) than the other two.

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