Year: 2022 | Month: December | Volume 12 | Issue 2

Identify the Phenotypic Indicators for Prognostic of Hypothetical Litter Size of Black Bengal Goat

P.S. Chakrabortty C.K. Biswas D. Majumdar S.K. Sutradhar


The present investigation recorded that the average litter size was 2.03 per doe and the prolificacy rate being 202.92%. The result indicates that the litter size proportion for single, twin and triplet were 28.3%, 40.4% and 31.3% respectively. The present study revealed substantial phenotypic variations among the goats bearing single, twin and triplet foetus. Based on stepwise discriminant function to find out month wise phenotypic descriptors, some important linear traits namely Punch girth (PG), Body Weight (BW), Rump Length (RL), Croup Height (CrH), Clearance of Sternum (CS), Distance between Tuber coxae (DTC), Distance between Trochanter major (DTM), Head-Rump Length (HRL), Body Length (BL), Curved Head- Rump Length (HRCL), Heart girth (HG, Pelvic Triangle (PLVT) and Wither Height (WH); were identified to be significant in discriminating the foetal numbers between groups. Out of these, HRL measurement might be considered as one of the best indicator for higher Litter Size (LZ) during the second, third, fourth, fifth parity. Other best suitable phenotypic descriptors like BL, CS, PG, PLVT and BW could be used to predict probable kidding size.

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