Year: 2022 | Month: December | Volume 12 | Issue 2

Incidence of Genital Organ Abnormalities in Female Genitalia of Marwari Goats

Pooja Pramod Kumar Tapendra Kumar B.L. Kumawat Manish Kumar


The present study was conducted to record various gross genital abnormalities of female genital organs in Marwari goats. A total of 115 genital organs were collected from municipal and local abattoir of Bikaner city, randomly. Slaughtered genital organs were segregated in 3 groups viz. healthy non pregnant, pregnant and abnormal groups based on their visual observations. The incidences of various gross genital abnormalities were recorded. Out of total 115 genitalia collected, 80 were found to be grossly normal (69.56%).The percentage of pregnancy wastage was 11.30% (13 out of 115). Over all 22 (19.13%) genitalia had abnormalities. The common genital abnormalities found were uterine infections (18), ovarian cyst (3) and parovarian cyst (1), respectively. All these genital disorders are causes a big damage to reproductive health of goat and if they are not diagnosed or treated early then they cause infertility.

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