Year: 2021 | Month: December | Volume 11 | Issue 2

A Study on Different Diagnostic Approach for Early Recognition of Canine Pyometra

Rohit Juneja Dinesh Jhamb Anklesh Katara Arpita Sain Deepak Vachna Ram Krishna N. Bansal Mitesh Gaur


The study aimed to evaluate ultrasonographic findings, radiography, and blood profile in 24 bitches presented for treatment of pyometra. Clinical symptoms such as anorexia, vaginal discharge, depression, polyuria/polydipsia, vomiting, and abdominal distension were seen. Among these various types of diagnostic approaches, ultrasonography a powerful tool for the early detection of uterine abnormalities. Before any clinical alterations could be noticed, ultrasonography allowed the diagnosis of pathologic abnormalities. Pyometra must be identified, diagnosed, and treated as soon as possible to achieve a successful outcome.

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