Year: 2021 | Month: December | Volume 10 | Issue 3

Effect of Pre-insemination Intrauterine Antibiotics on Conception Rate in Crossbred Cows

Revathy V.J. Mridula Sharma


The repeat breeder crossbred endometritic cows (N = 30) were divided into three groups (n= 10, each), as Group I (Gentamicin IU given 6 hrs before AI) Group II (Cephapirin given 6 hrs before AI) and Group III (control cows, no IU antibiotic treatment). The cows in estrus were inseminated twice (12 hours apart, if not conceived at first, again inseminated at second heat) with good quality frozen thawed semen. Cervico- vaginal mucus and blood sample was collected and physic-biochemical properties (appearance, consistency, Whiteside test, pH, Total bacterial load) and Serum amyloid- A, were evaluated respectively. The overall conception rate of different groups (I to III) of cows were 60, 20 and 10 %, respectively. On the basis of recovery rate as well as conception rate Gentamicin found to be the best when compared to Cephapirin.

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