Year: 2020 | Month: August | Volume 10 | Issue 2

Study on Relationship of Soil, Plant and Serum Minerals Concentration in Cyclic and Anestrus Buffaloes

Sharad Kumar Atul Saxena Ramsagar Sudhir Kumar


The present study was carried out to study the relationship of concentration of minerals in soil, plant and in cyclic and anestrus buffaloes. A total of 22 anestrus and 5 cyclic buffaloes were utilized for the study. The concentration of minerals i.e. Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn, Ca and P was studied in soil, plants and serum of buffaloes. The ration of Ca:P was disturbed in anestrus buffaloes. The concentration of Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn and P were significantly lower compared to plants. The concentration of Cu, Zn, Mn, Ca and P in the true anestrus and normal cyclic buffaloes were within the normal range. However, the concentration of Fe in true anestrus and normal cyclic buffaloes were higher compared to normal range.

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