Year: 2018 | Month: August | Volume 8 | Issue 2

Clinical Importance of Lymphatic Territories with Special Reference to Mammary Glands and Uterus in Canine: A Review

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The lymphatic circulatory system consists of two major components viz., the lymphatic vessels and nodes. This system plays important role in immune surveillance, lipid absorption and maintenance of tissue fluid balance. The lymphatic vasculature also serves as the primary route for metastatic spread of tumour cells to regional lymph nodes. Swelling of lymph node usually indicates the existence of a disease process in its tributary territory. Medial retropharyngeal lymph node serves as the collecting centre of the head region. The buccal lymph node is only found in a minority of dogs mainly larger purebreds. The axillary lymph centre is involved in vascularisation of the thoracic limb and first three mammary glands considered during mammary gland surgery. The popliteal lymph node is the important lymph centre found in hindlimb provides valuable data about health status of canine. The heterogeneity and plasticity of the lymphatic drainage of mammary glands is common in the bitch. Sentinel lymph nodes of uterus might be used to reach an early diagnosis of uterine diseases. There is great individual variability within the lymphatic system due to presence or absence of some lymph nodes. In this review we summarize the clinical importance of lymphatic territory and anatomical position of some important lymph nodes in dog.

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