Year: 2018 | Month: August | Volume 8 | Issue 2

Dystocia in Murrah Buffalo with Fetal Limb Anomaly: A Case Report

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Caessarean section in buffaloes is an emergency operative procedure, used as a last remedy to treat the cases of dystocia and for the delivery of fetal monsters or for delievery of fetuses with anomalies. A full-term dystocia affected buffalo in its third parity was brought to the Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex, at the International Institute of Veterinary Education and Research (IIVER), Rohtak Haryana for treatment. Anamnestic data revealed normal body vitals including temperature of 101.4oC and pulse of 75/minute. On per vaginal examination, it was revealed that fetus was presented in normal anterior presentation with dorso-sacral position. It was also found that there was malformation of forelimbs (abnormally bent limbs) and which were retained beneath the body of fetus, while as hind limbs of fetus were not accessible. The extension of limbs was difficult due to their malformation & abnormal curvature. Hence, it was diagnosed as a case of dystocia due to malformed fetal limbs and a decision to relieve it through an emergency cesarean section was undertaken.

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