Year: 2015 | Month: December | Volume 5 | Issue 3

Incidence of Fetal Monstrosities in India:A Review

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Dystocia may be defined as process of delayed or prolonged calving resulting from severe assisted extraction or any fetal abnormalities. Injudicious handling of dystocia cases usually leads to large economic loss in terms of decreased productivity, increased morbidity and mortality. It has a considerable impact on production and future reproduction of dairy and beef animals. There are many fetal abnormalities like monsters, fetal ascitis and fetal maldispositions which are alone responsible for 5-10% of dystocia cases in bovines. Fetal monstrosities has long been recognized as a cause of dystocia in animals and humans. This is incompatible with life. This review focuses on the cases of different types of fetal monsters, its incidence and treatment done in bovines. It becomes difficult to deliver such fetuses because of their altered shape. These monsters are rare in cattle, but a large number of monstrosities have been reported in river buffalo; overall incidence is low.

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