Year: 2015 | Month: December | Volume 5 | Issue 3

Prevalence of Uterine Torsion and Its Management in Buffaloes

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This case study discussed the successful method of management of buffalo uterine torsion. A number of 25 buffaloes with showing colic were taken suspected for uterine torsion at the Clinics of veterinary gynaecology and obstetrics, CVAS, Bikaner. Uterine torsion was diagnosed by per rectal and per vaginal examinations. Priorly, we used plank method for manage torsion in buffaloes. Eighty percent buffaloes were successfully corrected by this method. 1-2 rolls
were sufficient to detort in 60% buffaloes. After detorsion most cases were accompanied with closed or insufficient dilated (48%) than dilated or open cervix (32%) which were altered after drug therapy into opened (64%) and indilated cervix (16%). Caesarean section
was needed in 36% cases including failed cases of detorsion by rolling (20%) and indilated cervix (16%) after successful rolling. After long-term follow-up, the study reported 88% and 4% survival rate for buffaloes and fetus, respectively in uterine torsion cases. On the basis of this study it was concluded that rolling with plank method is a satisfactory technique to detort the uterus.

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