Year: 2015 | Month: December | Volume 5 | Issue 3

Different Approaches to Diagnose Uterine Pathology in Mares: A Review

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Uterine infections and associated endometritis is the most common cause of reduced fertility and infertility in broodmares. Uterine infections are inevitable during natural service, artificial insemination, foaling and reproductive tract examination. Mares affected by such conditions are usually the best performing mares with a proven record of fertility. These pathological conditions are therefore responsible for major economic losses in equine industry, as huge effort, money and manpower are required to manage and treat such conditions year after year. Several methods have been evolved to confirm the uterine pathology in mare. Not a single diagnostic method per se is sufficient to diagnose uterine pathology accurately. Rectal palpation and ultrasound examinations identify fluid in the uterus, suggestive of endometritis. Microscopic analysis of an endometrial swab or endometrial biopsy has great importance to detect the etiological agent of the uterine pathology. This review therefore, is an attempt to discuss different approaches to diagnose the uterine pathology along with their merits and demerits. The ultimate aim being prompt identification and treatment of affected mares so that the problem of infertility in mare can be reduced.

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